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Thanks for clogging our FB feeds, all interior design companies of Singapore. We have curated a few pretty ones, please feel free to contact us to add any that you might recommend.

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Absolut Outdoors

A specialist in exterior renovation, Absolut Outdoors aim... 

  • 382

Mr Shopper Studio

Unlike most interior design firms, Mr Shopper Studio... 

  • 1.4K


You know you are good when you only need Instagram to... 

  • 499

Space Atelier

Space Atelier aims to capture the balance between dynamic... 

  • 383

Story of Us

Story of us is a boutique design firm that places a strong... 

  • 417


Wynk Collaborative believes in the power of good design... 

  • 341

Design Shop

At Designshop, each project is fashioned to specific needs... 

  • 430

Ace Space Design

Ace Space design holds years of experience in a wide... 

  • 461

Studio JP

Studio JP was founded in 2013 by Jonathan Poh after... 

  • 506

Urban Habitat Design

With a young and experienced team of interior design... 

  • 380

E & A Interiors

E & A Interiors is a Singapore based interior design studio... 

  • 406


BW works alongside architects, project managers and... 

  • 376

Free Space Intent

Established in 1999, Free Space Intent is a full-service... 

  • 347

The Scientist

As the saying goes on their site, The Scientist subscribes... 

  • 376

Dan’s Workshop

Headed by Dan Wu, the designs of Dan's Workshop reflect his... 

  • 382

Studio Fourtyfour

Studio FortyFour is made up by two right-brainers who love... 

  • 422

Meter Square

Metersquare has a team of highly dedicated designers with... 

  • 385


The study of Architecture and Biology brings you...... 

  • 369

The Design Company

They're Passionate, Innovative and... Reliability?Β Fret... 

  • 329


This interior designer'sΒ website may look like the love... 

  • 338

Three-d Conceptwerke

A multi-disciplinary design studio that dabbles in interior... 

  • 336

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